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Rules and other important information


Tenant agrees to all additional rules that Management may impose from time to time by posting them on this website and/or at the premises. Tenant agrees that he/she has read the content of this website and that he/she will revisit it from time to time.

  • Tenant will immediately inform Managament about any repairs needed, especially those involving leaky faucets, running toilets and water leaks by calling the Superintendent or the Management Office.
  • Management promises to take care of these and other repairs with the utmost urgency.
  • If a request for repairs goes unattended for 2-3 days, Tenant is urged to inform Management via e-mail.
  • Common areas of Apartment will be cleaned every other week, free of charge (except for Lorillard Towers apartments).
  • Tenant must make sure that kitchen areas, counter tops, bathrooms, and other areas to be cleaned are unencumbered on the day the cleaning person is scheduled to come.
  • The cleaning person is not required to wash kitchen utensils, put away personal belongings, or remove trash/waste.
  • If the areas to be cleaned are found to be unreasonably dirty, an added cleaning charge can be assessed against the tenant by the superintendent.
  • If cleaning person completes the work in significantly less than 2 hours time and/or if the Tenant is dissatisfied with the service received, the Tenant is encouraged to contact Management.
  • Tenant is responsible for keeping apartment free of roaches and other pests by removing all waste on a daily basis and by keeping it unencumbered with empty beverage containers, open food containers, and other sources of food that can attract pests.
  • Tenant must place commercially available roach traps in the kitchen area and must replace them regularly.
  • If this effort is insufficient, Tenant must call Superintendent and request extermination treatments that will be provided at no cost.
  • Tenant is required to keep 2 SEPARATE WASTE RECEPTACLES in the kitchen area – one for regular trash and one for recycling metal and plastic.
  • Upon inspection, if superintendent does not find two separate waste receptacles, it is considered de facto evidence that recycling is not being done and a fine of $50.00 per occupant will be imposed.
  • All trash and recycling must be removed from premises daily, brought to the recycling area, and placed in the the appropriate containers.
  • Tenant is responsible for utilities used in the apartment and must open an account at the start of the lease and close it at the end of the term by calling Con Edison (gas and electric) at (800)-752-6633.
  • If cooking gas is provided by landlord, a fixed charge of $10.00 per tenant/per month is added to the monthly rent paid.
  • Heat and hot water are provided by the landlord at no cost at all locations except for the Belmont Townhouses where the tenant is responsible.
  • Each apartment is wired with phone and cable outlets.  Installation of additional wiring or outlets is not permitted without the expressed consent of the LandlordIf tenant causes the cable/telephone company to install additional wiring, tenant will become liable for removal of said wiring and all damages repairs required to return the property to its original condition.
  • Management must be contacted immediately if a telephone or cable installer suggests that additional wiring is required.
  • For cable and TV service call Cablevision at (718) 617-7700.
  • Tenant is not permitted to remove provided furniture from the apartment.
  • Tenant shall not bring additional furniture that may cause the apartment to become excessively encumbered.
  • If tenant removes furnishings from the premises without permission, a charge will be incurred for the full cost of the furniture removed.
  • If tenant requests that some pieces of furniture provided by Management are removed, a charge of $25 to $50 per item will be incurred.
  • Keys shall be picked up on or after the starting date of the lease at the superintendent’s office.  It is advisable to call in advance.
  • No Keys will be issued if signed Parent Agreements and all payment due by that date have not been received.
  • Tenant must return all keys to the superintendent’s office, on or before the last day of the lease, by putting them in a sealed envelope with name, address, apt. number, number of keys and the date.
  • Late stay charges will be incurred for every day the keys are not returned and no Security Deposit will be remitted if keys are not returned. Tenant is also responsible for changing of locks that may be required for safety purposes.
  • If a Tenant needs to move in early or wishes to extend the stay he/she must make arrangements with Management beforehand.
  • A flat fee, a minimum of $35.00 per day, is assessed for early entry and stays beyond the terms of lease.